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The Marriage Initiative, directed by Rabbi Yaron Weisberg, is a proactive and comprehensive movement with the goal of strengthening and enhancing home life in Klal Yisrael. Combining extensive Shalom Bayit education before marriage, with continued instruction and guidance after marriage, we aim to engage with individuals on a personal level, helping them to understand the vital role we all play in the continued well being of our homes and our community.

The Marriage Initiative

Better Marriages Through Better Education

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Dating Guidance 

Delivering practical advice:

  1. To groups - providing general guidelines and advice to help them through the dating process.

  2. On a Personal level - in order to help each person with their specific questions and issues.



Rabbi Weisbergs curriculum is extremely thorough, very clearly addressing issues that come up in most, if not all, marriages. Very sensitive topics are dealt with in a very respectful and appropriate way,
in order to ensure that they can be addressed in the most effective way possible. I gained a tremendous amount to apply in my own home and to pass on to others in an effort to create 
a bayis
full of sholom.

Shlomo Z.

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