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Dedication Opportunities

One can dedicate li’ilui Nishmas, for a Refuah Shleima or for any
other reason. Please list your dedication reason in the message field 
available on the donation form.

Name of the Program – $180,000 (Can be paid over 10 years
and Donor has the option of not renewing at the end of each
year). After the full donation, the name of the program will be
permanent as per the wish of the donor.

Dedicate the Women’s education program - $18,000 (Can be
paid over three years – includes naming the Women’s program
after the person).

Dedicate the office (with plaque) in Israel - $18,000 (Can be paid over three years)

Dedicate a Years’ worth of Rabbi Weisbergs Trips to America - $10,000 (Name will be mentioned by all classes)

Dedicate a month of the Program - $1800

Dedicate One of Rabbi Weisberg’s trips to the U.S. - $1800

Dedicate a week of the program - $500

Dedicate one day of the program - $180

Select an item ($)

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